March 2010

Meeting #9


Interactive TV: introduction to JavaTV and MHP


Working between the clouds



University of Lugano, Via G. Buffi 13 - Lugano
Informatics Building, Room SI-008

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Tuesday 2nd Mar, 18:30


18:30 Interactive TV: introduction to JavaTV and MHP
Pasquale Granato
19:30 Working between the clouds
Davide Cerbo
21:00 A truly effective networking idea: Pizza!


Interactive TV: introduction to JavaTV and MHP

JavaTV and MHP form the core of the open middleware systems of the modern digital television. During this session we will briefly present the history of those standards and the reasons behind the choice of an open platform. We will present some technical aspects about Digital TV and we will introduce the DTV middleware architecture. Finally, we will dive into the application programming model, introducing Xlets and JavaTV services. We will also try to give an insight on how to create a simple yet effective development and testing environment.
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Working between the clouds

Da un po' di tempo a questa parte quando uno sviluppatore software sente la parola "Clouds" non pensa più alle nuovole, ma a...? Durante l'intervento risponderò a questa domanda e mostrerò come una applicazione web sviluppata con Spring Framework, Apache Maven e JPA può essere installata facilmente e (quasi) gratuitamente sulla piattaforma per il cloud computing messa a disposizione da Google. Vedremo poi come applicare i principali pattern relativi alla scalabilità utilizzando gli strumenti messi a disposizione dalla piattaforma di Google.
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Pasquale Granato, Playyoo

Pasquale Granato on LinkedIn

Pasquale is a software engineer. He has an extensive technical background and a wide experience with distributed and multi-tiered applications both for internet and mobile scenarios. He has designed software for an extensive range of devices, from old WAP mobile phones to modern Android handsets, from early set-top-box to new MHP equipped ones. Pasquale lives and works in Lugano, Switzerland where he is Senior Architect at Playyoo SA, a publisher and content aggregator of Flash Lite mobile games.

Davide Cerbo, Ex Machina

Davide Cerbo on LinkedIn

A truly passionate and enthusiast Java developer with several years of project experience. Davide has recently moved to Lugano where he joined the team at Ex Machina. Previous experience includes working for the banking sector in Turin and telco in Rome. Davide enjoyes community events where he is a regular speaker, particularly JUG Meetings and Javadays.

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