Apr 2015

Meeting # 26


Git - practical use



Ex Machina Sagl, Viale dei Faggi 9, 6900 Lugano

Ex Machina Sagl


Tuesday 28th April 2015, from 18:30


Git - practical use

Git is becoming the standard in the world of VCS. After a quick introduction to the fundamental concepts of this tool, we will see an example of concrete use, trying to move from simplest use cases to the most complex situations.

The talk will be presented in italian language.

After the talk we can call for some take away pizza so we can continue to talk without interruption.


Andrea Polci

Andrea Polci

Andrea is a senior software developer at Ex Machina, with 12+ years experience in the development of Java enterprise applications. Andrea's experience with issues specific to legacy code comes from the management of an old suite of applications, where he introduced his development team to agile techniques like TDD.

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