Mar 2011

Meeting #17


Introduction to Game Engines


An introduction to openID and OAuth



University of Lugano, Via G. Buffi 13 - Lugano
Informatics Building, Room SI-008

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March 16th, 2011


18:30 Introduction to Game Engines
Emilia Ciardi
19:30 An introduction to openID and OAuth
Andrea Chiodoni
21:00 A truly effective networking idea: Pizza!


Introduction to Game Engines

Facing the complexity of a modern game engine can for sure be intimidating. And in fact they are really fascinating software systems, which since their birth represent one of the frontiers for innovation and a benchmark for many IT concepts, from real-time rendering to AI, from physics simulations to optimization. In this presentation, after a brief introduction to their history and evolution, we'll examine the fundamental sub-systems constituting a Game Engine's architecture and finally we'll present a widely used open-source engine.

Games Architectures & Game Engines by Ekleptica on

An introduction to openID and OAuth

Internet today offers many different kind of services you can use. Just to name a few: Google docs, gmail, Goole calendar, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. Many of those services are focused on offering a specific functionality (Facebook excluded). Take for example Flickr which is specialized for "the "Photo Sharing use-case". Interesting applications may be developed mixing and matching data and functionalities from such existing services. The goal of the presentation is to introduction two security protocols (openID and OAuth) which seams to become the basis for the openness in SaaS and the social web age.

OpenID_and_OAuth_V3 by Andrea on


Emilia Ciardi

Emilia Ciardi, Playyoo SA

Emilia got a Software Engineering master degree in 2001 and since then she worked on a wide range of projects, from aerospatial software to elearning and multimedia applications. She's specialized in user experience design, graphical user interface and usability. She loves videogames and over the years has developed over 20 mobile casual games, winning several international awards.
Emilia lives in Lugano and currenly works at Playyoo SA as creative director.

Andrea Chiodoni

Andrea Chiodoni, La Posta

Andrea has always been fascinated by system and software architectures in both engineering, constructing, and managing. His primary goal is to deeply know technologies in order to be able to apply the right one at the right moment while always trying to apply the following base principles: correctness and "keep things easy". Andrea's interests include Systems and Software architectures, Java development, Open source, Security. Andrea is Software Architect at La Posta.

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