Dec 2010

Meeting #15


Hyperic: Monitoring the whole stack


Git: an hands-on tutorial



University of Lugano, Via G. Buffi 13 - Lugano
Informatics Building, Room SI-008

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December 15th, 2010


18:30 Hyperic: Monitoring the whole stack
Federico Yankelevich
19:30 Git: an hands-on tutorial
Michele Sciabarrà
21:00 A truly effective networking idea: Pizza!


Hyperic: Monitoring the whole stack

Hyperic is a monitoring and performance management tool for web apps and IT infrastructures. In big IT infrastructure, today, many applications are interconnected to offer their functionalities. The problem: the higher the number of dependencies on other systems, the higher the risk your application fails. The idea: constantly monitor all applications to identify a problem and trigger alerts before the end users report malfunctioning.

JUGMonitoring of yanke - Snoopal

Git: an hands-on tutorial

Distribuited version control is becoming mainstream, and a number of new tools to support it has emerged. Git is, among those, one of the more acclaimed, both because is the mindchild of Linus Torvalds and is very efficient as well. Deemed hard and difficult to use (as it was at beginning), git has became as easy to use as his concurrents. In this speech I will try to show in practice how Git can be used effectively, with a real world, step by step example.

introduction to git of msciab - Snoopal


Federico Yankelevich, La Posta

Federico is software developer and enterprise architect at La Posta. He is currently responsible of maintaining and continuously improve enterprise applications like Track&Trace. Previous work experiences in the financial sector were good opportunities for learning how to engineer complex Message Oriented systems and to improve his human skills while leading a Java development team.

Michele Sciabarrà,

Java geek since Java "alpha" version, hands on everything Java, no matter if applet or swing, j2ee or spring, even tasting Google Java flavors (Android and Gwt included). SCJP since 2000, having just completed his SCEA5 assignment (as quickly as 2 years), he pride himself to be an "architect". Sometimes just as a joke, more often asking for more money because of the title, actually.

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