Nov 2010

Meeting #14


Open Development: un modello ideale per costruire un prodotto enterprise


OrientDB: a NoSQL database for the Web



University of Lugano, Via G. Buffi 13 - Lugano
Informatics Building, Room SI-008

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November 11th, 2010


18:30 Open Development: un modello ideale per costruire un prodotto enterprise
Paolo Mottadelli
19:30 OrientDB: a NoSQL database for the Web
Luca Garulli
21:00 A truly effective networking idea: Pizza!


Open Development: un modello ideale per costruire un prodotto enterprise

Ogni organizzazione che progetta un sistema, produrrà inevitabilmente un design che rispecchia la struttura di comunicazione dell'organizzazione stessa. L'architettura di un prodotto enterprise deve essere aperta, modulare ed estendibile; lo sviluppo aperto è il modello più adatto per produrre tale tipo di design.

Open Development of paolomoz - Snoopal

OrientDB: a NoSQL database for the Web

A "Web-Ready" application is much more than something accessible through a Web Browser. Building a "Web-Ready" application means to design a fast, always-on and scalable solution in short time. Because in the Web the time-to-market is shorten, the users can growth of several order of magnitudes in few days, the users expect data are in a safe place and always accessible. This is the main reason for the onset of the "NoSQL" movement. It's not about removing the SQL as language or the Relational DBMSs. It means having choices for what is, too often, an automatic choice: the Relational DBMS. This talk focuses the point on "OrientDB" ( and how this new DBMS fulfills the requirements of today applications: to be "Web-Ready".

Agenda: Why you need yet another DBMS, OrientDB features and license, OrientDB seen by a Relational Database user, Do you really need a Schema for the database?, CRUD operations using Java API, CRUD operations using HTTP RESTful API and JSON, Native query, SQL query with special keywords and operators, ACID transactions, Scalability and High availability, Comparison with other DBMSs.

OrientDB the database for the Web of lvca - Snoopal


Paolo Mottadelli, Adobe

In ordine cronologico: Apache Software Foundation, Sourcesense, Day Software, Adobe Systems. Sembra esserci un graduale distacco dall'Open Source. Non è così. Apache Committer, Adobe Sales Engineer, Decatleta.

Luca Garulli, Asset Data company

Luca works as C.T.O. for Asset Data company, a Software House specialized in the development and integration of open source products. He's the project leader of OrientDB NoSQL Document DBMS and Roma Meta Framework Open Source projects and member of JDO 1.0 and JDO 2.0 Expert Groups.

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