March 2010

Meeting #10


Transaction management in Spring and EJB3


From the Semantic Web to the Web of Data: ten years of linking up



University of Lugano, Via G. Buffi 13 - Lugano
Informatics Building, Room SI-008

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Tuesday 30th Mar, 18:30


18:30 Transaction management in Spring and EJB3
Guido Anselmi
19:30 From the Semantic Web to the Web of Data: ten years of linking up
Davide Palmisano
21:00 A truly effective networking idea: Pizza!


Transaction management in Spring and EJB3

In this speech we will discuss about transaction management in Java Enterprise Application, with Spring and EJB3.0 technologies. Starting with a brief recap of basic properties of transactions (acid, concurrent accesses problems, isolation levels), we will analyze different models for transaction management and we will discuss how Spring and EJB address these different approaches, trying to figure out pros and cons of both. In the end, we will discuss briefly about XA transactions.
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From the Semantic Web to the Web of Data: ten years of linking up

More than ten years have passed since Tim Berners Lee's visionary article on Scientific American envisaging a Web that could be understood by machines. Since then a huge effort has been done both in the scientific community and the W3C to build a solid theoretical foundation as well as a wide set of technology specifications for use in a broad range of fields from knowledge representation and data integration to the semantic search. Over the last two years though a new paradigm emerged, the so called Linked Data approach, which has the potential to turn the internet into the Web of Data envisioned by Berners-Lee. Through a series of failures and success stories this talk provides a pragmatic overview on the possibilities offered by these technogies and their Java reference implementations. In particular, we will show how Microformats, RDF, SPARQL, RDFa and the Linked Data paradigm could be used to solve new and exciting challenges on the Web to come.
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Guido Anselmi, Argonet Srl

Guido is a senior software developer at Argonet S.r.l. He has 11 years experience in the development of enterprise applications in Java. He worked in different environments and for many different customers, on a large variety of projects. Beside the main job of java architect, he often works as trainer on different technologies related to java language and major frameworks.

Davide Palmisano, Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Software engineer currently employed as a technologist at Fondazione Bruno Kessler within the Web of Data Research Unit. Recently joined the DERI DI2 Unit bandwagon to support the development for the next release of – The Semantic Web Index. He has been W3C advisor for Asemantics, an european semantic web company, making a couple of contributions mainly within the activities covered by the W3C Semantic Web related groups and incubators. Currently advising the NoTube EU project (EU FP7-2009-IST-231761) supporting the research activities aimed to the development of a innovative TV content recommendation engine based on the Semantic Web technologies. The main goal of the project is to develop a novel user profiler system that could extract and maintain the implicit information regarding user interests through his interaction in the Social Web.

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